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July 23, 2010

How to REALLY make money online. Yakri starts working freelance.

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Straight off, let me tell you that I will NOT be telling you how to make money online in this blog post, or future blog posts. Instead I’ll just put a link to the bottom to another blogger who is doing a much better job of it already.

Anyway, a while back I was asked for the url of my blog by newt on my formspring account. I linked it, and asked her if she had a blog, here’s the link again.

I went to the link and started reading. Now, I have tried making money online before, but I’d run into two problems.

1) All those ‘make money fast’ sites, and ‘just take these surveys’ sites, are 90% bullshit, and 10% not worth the effort.

2) I didn’t know how to find, or partake in, actual WORK online.

Reading newt’s blog was kind of like a thunder bolt to the brain. I thought “hey here is something that is legitimate, actually works, and that I could do!” The answer was freelance online writing. So far, I’ve only actually made 10$, but if I actually win any of my bids on Elance, I could be making another 200$+ in the next couple of weeks. It isn’t killer cash or anything, but it’s great for a teenager who lives with his parents, and doesn’t find the idea of working at the trashy local theater, or McDonald’s all that appealing.

I also find it intriguing that on Elance (to my limited experience, Elance seems to be the best one for making large chunks of cash) Writing is only one of several category’s of freelance work you can do. It seems to me, that the online freelance community could make working from the ‘net, for people of a variety of talents, very achievable.

Anywho, if you want to learn more about how the hell this works, how to get started, and want to read a much more well written blog, go here

PS. Really, I should step up the quality of my blog posts, so that I can show them off as examples of my work, but I’m too damn lazy, for the moment at least… Probably will get around to it sooner or later.


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