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May 4, 2009

I’m also getting a new video card!

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I’ll be getting a Radeon 4830 some time in the next four days. Pretty cool right?  Yep, although I would have liked to step it up to an 4850 really, it’s good enough to run any games I like quite well. At least until I get to build a computer from stratch, but that’s not going to be until much later this year most likely. So by then, there will be a whole new set of video cards to choose from in the appropreate price ranges.

And because the PSU in my Dell computer sucks big time, and the one in my older computer can actually handle up to 550 wats of power, I’ll be swapping them out before installing the Video card. I’m rather excited to do it myself, lets hope I don’t break anything. 😡

Now as for my robotics project… I have everything I need, techniqually, but I want to get a set of small screw drivers for taking apart the servos, so I don’t strip the screw heads. So I’m going to wait until after I finish this week of college to do build it.

Not much else to say really…. I’m thinking of video taping myself building the 50$ robot to put on youtube and play in fast forward(time lapse style). But that’s only going to work if I can find a program which can edit .mov (quicktime) files. ah well….


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