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April 16, 2009

Describing myself, and funny links.

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Well, I got asked to describe myself, then thought about it for a while, and I came up with this.

Describe myself? That’s rather hard, and to do it well would take a while. I could list facts of things I like, such as reading, martial arts, or music, but those are things I like, they aren’t who I am, they are just part of it. So how can I do it? Well I can’t I suppose, you’d have to actually know me. And then of course, truth be told, I’m not really the best person to describe me anyway, after all, my view is a bit biased.

Kinda cheesy huh? yeah I know, but I liked the sentiment at least.

Also, I got linked to and quoted on an odd porn blog, seeing as I do not have, and never intend to have any adult content here, I deleted the comment with the track back, although it looked like it might have actually been a real blog. kinda funny to have porn blogs linking to me. 😛


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