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December 1, 2008

LOVE – The MMORPG – My opinion

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This game looks great, and I’ll probably play it when it comes out.

For all those complaining about the graphics if games like world of warcraft and runescape can be as successful as they are with the graphics that they have, then this game shouldn’t have a hard time filling up a 200 man server or two. And as for those who only want super high tech graphics, check out gears of war two, COD 5 and Mirrors edge, those should be right up your alley.

As for the game play, the two things I want to see is the tools for manipulating the world to be very free form and easy to use, and for the bad guys to have a very good AI. Because 1) I want to be able to build a mountain fortress with a huge labyrinth and escape tunnels and various other defenses. And 2) I want the bad guys to be smart enough to attack it, and maybe even destroy it.

By playing games like Shadowbane, NWN1, and Runescape, when there are now many games out with graphics along the lines of halo 3, GoW2, and various recent MMO’s. I’ve found that graphics aren’t such a big deal, I found Shadowbane to be much more fun then many other recent MMORPG titles, and NWN1, well what made that fun was the great challange in making a good character (I played a level 20 pvp server a lot). Because they are/were open and their were so many ways to do things.

Awesome graphics are worthless with out cool and innovative game play, but not the other way around.

LOVE I think has a great idea, what annoys me a lot in other MMO’s is how hard it is to make any impact. It was a little bit possible in Shadowbane, since as a powerful nation leader, you could destroy other players precious city’s with impunity, and more or less take control of the server.

The reason I think love will be very fun to play, is that you can make an impact, that’s more fun then nearly anything else I can think of. You can build, and destroy, and your only limit is your imagination. Well, maybe the game won’t live up to expectations, and maybe it will, maybe it will surpass them. It’s all irrelevant, as we will find out one way or another. Now this is far more long and rambling then it needs to be so I’ll try and make some points.

1)The graphics are fine, they are artistic and will not stop this from being a good game

2)The actual combat doesn’t matter so much as the things that lead up to it. The AI, the terrain deforming, the items you can find or create. If those are good (and in the case of items, numerous), the the combat it self only needs to live up to the average shooter type game.

3)It’s impressive. This is a game made by one guy, and it’s and MMORPG, AND it’s innovative, trying out new ideas. That means that this is a whole can of awesome. Doing something like this takes talent, vision, creativity. Over all, the fact that it’s being made is really cool by it self.

4)Other games with similar or worse graphics have done well. Because they tried something that others hadn’t.

5)This isn’t like other MMO’s, as such it fits a niche. I think it will be a game that enhances what actually makes MMO’s fun, playing with other people. The graphics and quests, and monsters, and all that crap isn’t why MMO’s are fun. It’s because your playing with other people. And this opens up great opportunity for things that the developers never intended to happen, to happen.

There is nothing quite like hack and slashing your way through a dungeon and jumping up on a railing because it looks cool. And then someone asks where your pet is, so you press the button to tell it to return to you. Seconds later it round the corner with a massive horde of frothing and the mouth baddies thirsty for your blood. Or falling into the pit of death for the third time, this time because you were laughing your ass off at the previous two times.

Things like that are what really what make MMO’s fun to play.

For more info on LOVE check here

and here



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