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October 30, 2008

Greetings Citizen!

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Hello any and all future readers of my blog! This blog is about the nonsensical journeys of a 17 year old white male, who is greatly inspired by the advances of modern technology and everything it makes possible.

So, what will I actually write about?

I’m going to try and introduce myself to a lot of things, some of which I’m going to have a really hard time getting a hold of, due to being dirt poor. Such as the Google android, and the Epoc neural headset. But I’ll give it a shot.

I’m doing to write how I feel about programming(how easy is it, boring or fun, stuff like that), and trying to get a job at a local electronics store (I do have a plan!) from the perspective of a la~zy teenager.

I’ll also try and write a bit about the internet, and may do some video blogging.

I may also cronicle my pathetic attempts to learn mathimatics in various (hopefully) interesting and round about ways.

I also have another blog on wordpress, TrickingHaze It’s about the fairly new sport, tricking. The blog mostly has health, diet, and fitness information on it right now, but there will be more tricking related stuff in the future.


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